Infocrossing and S/390 Linux: An ASP's Story

In the article "Infocrossing and S/390 Linux: An ASP's Story: A Visit to the Co-Lo Penitentiary," Scott Courtney discusses Linux hosting at a large ASP. The article appeared in Linux Planet in February 2001.

From the article:

They keep their computers in cages at Infocrossing, like a gigantic prison for miscreant microchips. The cages aren't to keep the computers in, though, but to keep intruders out. Infocrossing, Incorporated, headquartered in Leonia, New Jersey, is in the Application Service Provider (ASP) hosting business. With a strong background in traditional mainframe environments, IBM's System/390 architecture was a natural choice for Infocrossing as they started branching out into the Linux hosting business.