SSL Server Enabler 2.0

The SSL Server Enabler is a preconfigured Linux system that enables the use of the IBM VM SSL code shipped with z/VM.

What is this Software?

The SSL Server Enabler software described on this page is a preconfigured Linux system that enables the use of the IBM VM SSL code shipped with z/VM 5.3. Version 2.0 does not function on previous releases of z/VM due to changes in the SSL API supplied by IBM in the 5.3 release. The 2.0 release of the SSL Server Enabler is based on CentOS 4, which is closer to the IBM-supported RHEL environment. It is also larger than the 1.x releases due to the larger number of prerequisites required to support the SSLSERV code in the Red Hat/CentOS environment.

Note: IBM has not evaluated or reviewed this code, and makes no statement of support for it. We have tested it to the best of our ability, and found it to be functional and useful. If you find problems with this enabler, please report them to Sine Nomine as described in the installation document, not to IBM. We will attempt to duplicate the problem and fix it, or, if possible, duplicate the problem on an IBM-supported platform and pass the information on to IBM based on our ability to duplicate the problem. We can't guarantee that it will work — there is some OCO software in the IBM SSL package that we can't do anything about — but we are committed to doing our best to keep this package available and up to date.

Why are We Doing This?

We are providing this enabler free of charge to promote general security awareness and to enable what we belive is a crucial function if VM is to be successful as a hosting platform or as an application development platform. It also lets us demonstrate the ability to create useful Linux-based appliances that augment traditional CP and CMS functions.

What If I Have Problems Installing This Package?

If you have problems and you don't have a support contract with us, send mail to deb390-support (at) We'll do our best to help you get it working, but please understand that such support will be best-effort — our paying customers come first. If you'd like to know more about our VM and Linux support services, send mail to

If you DO have a Linux or VM support contract with us, use the instructions provided with your support contract to report questions or problems. This package is automatically covered under your support agreement at no additional charge.

Other Questions?

Please don't hesitate to send mail to info (at) We appreciate your questions and comments, and look forward to helping you improve the general security of your system and the Internet at large.

Where Are the Download Links?

To avoid legal problems with IBM, we now require you to provide proof of a legitimate z/VM 5.3 license to download the SSL Server Enabler system. Please fax the attached form and a copy of an IBM invoice for z/VM 5.3 that shows your company name and address to +1 703 729 9516. We will then supply you with the download information.