LinuxONE™ Services

IBM LinuxONE is a platform for Linux workloads that can scale from small deployments to major works with the highest level of security possible, and perform at amazing speeds.


Your business and growth are dependent on providing exceptional, protected, and trusted experiences to your customers to capture new markets and stay ahead of competition. As an IBM partner SNA LinuxOne services deliver a lower cost of ownership and a faster return on investment.


We look forward to working with you.

LinuxONE™ Services

  • ClefOS – A CentOS clone for z Systems
  • High Availability Option – A clustering solution for Red Hat Enterprise Linux or ClefOS
  • Docker & OpenShift – Container technologies for DevOps and microservices
  • OSS – A large catalog of Open Source Software packages that are available for support
  • We offer support programs based on the customer's need including 24 x 7

Systems engineered to provide data security for modern applications with the ability to scale for massive transaction volumes without fail.

Our LinuxONE™ services can help you realize your goals.

Our offerings help you avoid the dreaded “lock in” contracts of the corporate giants letting you reduce your server count which removes cost, complexity and latency issues while adding resiliency.

As an IBM partner world supplier SNA invested in the IBM LinuxONE™ open source environment from the start with our team developing our ClefOS Linux on z. Our teams continued work on the high availability option and Docker containers make creation of a

Linux ONE environment easier and very cost effective.

Customers that want to try the IBM LinuxONE™ environment without the high cost of entry. Our open source solution provides all of the best features allowing our customers to realize savings. 

Customers using the IBM LinuxONE™ environment gain access to the unique features of the eco system including improved security.

The Linux ONE open source ecosystem provides the latest capabilities allowing customers to reduce the number of servers required to run their business. 

  • ClefOS –

    • 6.x: z9 or above

    • 7.x: z196 or above

  • HAO

  • ClefOS 6.x

  • Docker and OpenShift

    • To build and develop: ClefOS 7.3 or RHEL 7.3

    • To run: Any kernel supporting containers

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