ClefOS Pricing

ClefOS Support Pricing

ClefOS Drawer Based Pricing

Our average customer spends $37,000 on this.

Our ClefOS support pricing is based on several variables including:

  1. The number of production IFL's; tiny installations get extra discounts
  2. The number of, distance between, and immediacy of D/R IFL's
  3. Desired contract length

For more details please download this file: ClefOS-Pricing-20180614.pdf

Support Availability
Work hours 7 x 24 x 365
Support request mechanisms Web, email, or phone
Response Times Initial Ongoing
Severity 1 1 hour 4 hours
Severity 2 2 hours 4 hours
Severity 3 4 hours 8 hours
Severity 4 8 hours 2 days

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