What is check_iscsi?

check_iscsi is a plug-in service monitoring script for Nagios, a open source network and server monitoring tool. check_iscsi interrogates the status of iSCSI-based storage subsystems, and optionally the health of a filesystem layered on top of a iSCSI LUN.


Target Audience for check_iscsi

System administrators using iSCSI LUNs in production environments where Nagios performs system monitoring.


check_iscsi Features

  • Checks the availability of iSCSI providers and reports the results to Nagios

    check_iscsi can be run as a standalone script, as a direct Nagios probe, or via the Nagios NRPE remote probe execution tool. iSCSI target and server status is reported to Nagios as a service and standard Nagios threshold processing is supported.
  • Checks the health of filesystems delivered on top of iSCSI LUNs

    As delivered, the script checks the health of a OCFS2 filesystem delivered with iSCSI LUNs from a Vignette iSCSI storage appliance. Other filesystems will require tweaking the script to reflect filesystem status utility responses.


check_iscsi requires a running Unix or Linux system and a running copy of Nagios available to the system administrator.


Delivery and Installation

The check_iscsi script was originally developed by James Melin (Hennepin County, Minnesota) and is distributed here free of charge as a public service. The script can be downloaded here.



check_iscsi is provided free of charge as a public service.


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