Hiring a data scientist is a huge expense, one that will take months to start producing valuable output. In a 2016 Forbes survey, data scientists reported that they spend as much as 60% of their time wrangling data to prepare it for use, before they can start to do the important task. It is their least favorite activity. It makes sense, therefore, to hire a Sine Nomine Associates consulting subject matter expert to work with your team before you hire a full time specialist. Our certified data scientist and engineers work with your team to help understand what data science can do for your company, and what a data scientist will need to make your company more productive. Using team interviews to understand the types of questions, our team will start to develop stories, check data pools for the type of information needed, and develop models to get your data science effort off to a great start. 

Our certified data scientist and engineers will work to help you achieve a data-driven view and see your business differently. We focus on realistic business outcomes. Our team bridges the data science gaps by blending business, design and programming talent with years of experience. Our team has experience using most open source programming languages and tools such as R, Anaconda, and Python, as well as commercial packages like Microsoft Excel, Power BI and Tableau. The shift from enterprise requirements to innovative thinking in the business analytic sector has given a lot of traction to competitive data discovery.

If you are tired of searching through raw data and want meaningful repeatable graphic reports, we can help. Like the early telescopes, which gave humans a new perspective of our universe, viewing your organization through a data lens provides a new way to understand your business.