OpenAFS 1.8.6pre3 - Second beta 19-Jun-2020

OpenAFS 1.8.6pre3 is the second beta for the next stable release of OpenAFS. It brings performance improvements, improved diagnostics, support for the latest Linux mainline kernel (currently 5.7) and macOS 10.15 "Catalina", and a number of bug fixes.

Note that aklog and klog.krb5 will now require the -insecure_des switch in order to work with the weak and deprecated single-DES encryption types.
To build this release with GCC 10, the parameter "-fcommon" has to be passed to the compiler, which can be achieved by setting the environment variable CFLAGS to -fcommon when running configure: "CFLAGS=-fcommon ./configure".

For more information:

Read the 1.8.6pre3 release notes
Go to the distribution page

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