OpenAFS Release 1.8.0 available

The OpenAFS Guardians are happy to announce the availability of  thefirst release in a new stable series of releases, OpenAFS 1.8.0. Source files can be accessed via the web at:

or via AFS at:

        UNIX: /afs/
        UNC: \\afs\\software\openafs\1.8.0\

The new stable relase branch includes sweeping changes throughout the tree; please consult the release notes for full details. Very brief highlights include: a new KeyFileExt for long-term keys that supersedes rxkad.keytab, a new (logrotate-compatible) log rotation scheme, pthreaded ubik servers enabled by default along with other pthread conversions, many additional code quality fixes spotted by static analysis tools, the use of Heimdal's roken and crypto support libraries, and API and file support for many configuration knobs. This release also switches the client to use encryption by default, to match many distribution packages and the Windows client, and removes support for Linux versions prior to 2.6.

The changes since the last release candidate are just some documentation updates, a build fix for FreeBSD clients, a fix for ENOTDIR issues seen on RedHat 7.5 Linux, improvements to the RPM packaging, and fixing a NUL-termination bug.

I would like to take this chance to thank the many people who worked tirelessly to make this release happen: the developers contributing code and code review, everyone who has tested and ran the pre-release versions (including in production!), and the moral support from everyone to help get the release finished. There are too many people to name them all, but know indeed that your efforts
are greatly appreciated!

Please assist the guardians by deploying and testing this release and providing positive or negative feedback. Bug reports should be filed to ; reports of successes should be sent

Benjamin Kaduk
for the OpenAFS Guardians

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