Ohio LinuxFest 2017 to include cyber security track of programming

Ohio LinuxFest 2017, which takes place September 29-30 in Columbus, Ohio, will feature an entire track of programming on cyber security, as well as five other tracks of Linux-related programming. For a schedule of programs, visit the schedule page.

Topics and speakers for the Saturday cyber security track include:

  • VoIP Security Basics - Kent Adams
  • Building a Malware Analysis Lab With Open Source Software - Steve McMaster, Tom Kopchak, Ted Waddell
  • Secure Cloud: Linode With Full Disk Encryption - Roberto C. Sánchez
  • Protecting Public Websites With Apache and Linux Containers - Patrick Tudor
  • Top 10 Easy Cybersecurity Wins for Linux Environments - Michael Contino
  • Securing the Cloud at Rest: Network Bound Disk Encryption - Jim Wildman
  • Getting Hit by an 18-wheeler: Privacy & Anonymity in the Modern Age - Cody Hofstetter

Friday Career Track

Available to all registration tiers, the Career Track is a day-long collection of speakers sharing their insights and experience in the technology sector as it relates to “softer” skills. In an industry where hard skills in frameworks and tech stacks are valued so highly, sometimes it is easy to overlook the ways we interact with each other, take care of our own well-being, or grow our own career outside of learning new technology. More and more, the things that contribute to a positive culture are becoming important to employers and employees.