Neale Ferguson to present at 2018 VMWorkshop

SNA Principle Engineer Neale Ferguson will be speaking at the upcoming VMWorkshop 2018. His presentation is entitled Managing and Orchestrating Docker Containers with OpenShift. VMWorkshop takes place June 28-June 30, 2018 at NCA&T in Greensboro, NC.

The abstract of Neale's presentation reads:

If you have experimented with Docker or even put some containers into your DevOps environment, it quickly becomes clear that there is a need to simplify the build, deploy, and promote process. OpenShift Origin is the community version of the RedHat OpenShift commercial offerings. Built around a core of Docker container packaging and Kubernetes container cluster management, Origin is augmented by application lifecycle management functionality and DevOps tooling. Origin provides an open source application container platform.

Sine Nomine Associates is a sponsor of VMWorkshop 2018.

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