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To complement our products and tools and enhance the functionality of a wide range of equipment and technology, Sine Nomine also provides a range of services to help you use technology more effectively in your organization. The listings in this section of the web site provide information on the service offerings we provide and the skills and resources available to customize the offerings to meet any need you might have.

Sine Nomine's service offerings provide skills and information that allow customers to:

  • Design effective solutions to infrastructure and information processing system problems that you can build and maintain yourself

    We believe that creating solutions that require constant external input doesn't solve your problem -- it just replaces it with a bigger problem that costs more to own. Sine Nomine services always include documenting the problem in a understandable format, explaining the theory and architecture of the solution, and explaining how you can manage the implementation and maintenance of the solution yourself. We want you to be able to master your problem, not become dependent on outside help if that's not what you want.

    We can provide design help for both one-time corrective measures, or help you with a completely managed set of services that can take the problem off your hands entirely -- based on your strategy and your timeline. Our system design methodology incorporates detailed requirements analysis, specification, theory and practice on heterogenous systems and technologies -- we  deliver on what makes sense, not on what's trendy. We preserve skills and knowledge that may not be available elsewhere, and we can put those skills to work in modern contexts.
  • Efficiently build and deploy solutions any where, any time you need them in the form you need them to take

    We operate on a global scale. We can deliver assistance in many forms, from email consultation to entire project teams, in a form that matches your needs. If there's a specific way you need services delivered, let's talk.
  • Correct problems with your infrastructure, even if your main vendor can't or won't

    We work together with many service providers and ISVs as research partners and delivery resources. Often we can help you convince a vendor to make a change by supplying you with industry data and evidence to justify a change in plan -- or if they won't do it your way, we can often find a workaround that makes the desired outcome possible.
  • Add features or modify your solution to meet your needs -- sometimes even when your vendor isn't aware of your needs

    When all else fails, we can often create what you need by application modification or development. We can perform hardware and software engineering, and create custom systems and tools to meet your specific needs.  We employ experienced developers with track records in commercial and open-source software development from scripting to entire subsystem and system-level development, including complete custom operating systems. Our developers are capable of ports to new platforms, new frameworks, and new environments -- from embedded systems to enterprise systems, and beyond.

The entries on the left sidebar of this page are high-level areas of delivery. Click on an area to see more detailed descriptions of some of our services. If you don't see what you need, feel free to contact us and ask!