Linux Distributions

Sine Nomine Associates introduced the concept of the virtual server farm using Linux on the S/390 IBM mainframe and our current ClefOS offering allows Linux to run on system z mainframes.
Delivery and Installation
We have provided links below with information and distributions contained in a downloadable image file with the file extension of .iso as used in CD or DVD creation.

Our customers prefer our cost effective price per drawer method over others.

  • Benefits of Linux on the System z
  •     Reduced hardware costs due to fewer total servers
  •     Lower licensing costs with the minimization of proprietary operating systems.
  •     Security is fundamental to the architecture of System z and Linux
  •     Efficient implementation by the company that knows Linux on the System z implementation best
  •     Centralized management of computer resources with proven tools
  •     More productive technical staff with each technician able to support a larger pool of employees

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