Linux on System z

Our Team Invented the Virtual Server Farm

Sine Nomine Associates introduced the concept of the virtual server farm using Linux on the S/390 IBM mainframe. Since then, our team has “not looked back,” developing applications for cloning Linux images, refining procedures for large-scale implementations, and sharing our knowledge at trade shows, at conferences, and in professional magazines.

Our work has led to major implementations of this architecture, consolidating functions such as file serving, print serving and mail administration onto more efficient platforms.

Sine Nomine Associates has the right people, with proven experience, to handle all of your development and implementation needs for Linux on the System z. Our solutions represent the standard of quality and service that are hallmarks of a well-planned architecture and implementation. The results are robust Linux solutions that are expandable, scalable, reliable and usable. We provide service solutions that will please the CTO at prices that will make even the CFO smile.

Benefits of Linux on the System z

  • Reduced hardware costs due to fewer total servers
  • Lower licensing costs with the minimization of proprietary operating systems.
  • Security is fundamental to the architecture of System z and Linux
  • Efficient implementation by the company that knows Linux on the System z implementation best
  • Centralized management of computer resources with proven tools
  • More productive technical staff with each technician able to support a larger pool of employees

Linux on System z Features

  • Enhanced value of system investment
  • Add/Delete virtual systems at will
  • Stable and robust operating system
  • Best in class hardware reliability
  • Significantly reduced facility footprint
  • Emulation of any hardware configuration
  • Flexibility of configuration
  • Increased system security
  • Simplified operations management
  • Efficient allocation of computing resources

The Offering

  • Detailed assessment of your environment, engagement objectives (e.g., cost savings, operational efficiency, long-term scalability) and whether or not Linux on System z is the right answer. We deliver a report detailing your situation and offering recommendations.


  • Robust design of an architecture that takes advantage of existing investments and adds the latest developments in functionality. Sine Nomine Associates delivers a design document and recommends equipment, if requested.


  • Efficient implementation of the proposed architecture, led by recognized experts in the field. Sine Nomine Associates executives are directly involved with implementation and monitor deployments closely.


  • Knowledge transfer covering the implementation so that your team can operate the architecture effectively. This can include training on the systems involved, hands-on participation in the implementation and on-going support, depending on your needs.


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