Sine Nomine Associates can help your enterprise find the right-sized, cost-appropriate solutions for disaster recovery, business continuity, and data backup and archiving.

There is no single best answer for backup and business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR), but rather a continuum of options that trade off guaranteed availability, recovery time, level of acceptable risk, data security, cost, and complexity. With a vendor- and platform-neutral approach, Sine Nomine Associates engineers can assess diverse IT environments and recommend, design, and implement solutions to maximize data availability and mitigate the risk of business interruption or data loss.

The depth and breadth of experience brought by Sine Nomine Associates to BC/DR analysis includes creation of a strategic disaster recovery plan for a major Canadian bank's virtualized data center, gap analysis for large telecommunications firms in the People's Republic of China, and implementation of cross-platform network backup systems for distributed servers and clients. 

Sine Nomine Associates offers enterprise-grade support for Open Source backup software as part of our Mission-Critical Systems Support portfolio.