What parts of the IBM documentation are important?

The two most important parts of the IBM documentation are the program directory and the VM Planning and Installation guide.

The VM Planning and Installation Guide is a step-by-step introduction to the process of installing VM. It details two methods for installing VM, one with a "starter system" that is restored onto a set of physical disks from the installation media, and one is a "build it yourself" method. If you are not familiar with VM, use the "starter system" method. You should read the Planning and Installation Guide at least once all the way through before beginning your install.

The program directory is usually a 2-3 page document that describes last minute changes to the install process or changes in the packaging of the product.

This FAQ document describes some "best practice" information that will modify some of the steps in the installation process. Refer to the "Best Practices" heading later in this section for details about those changes.