OpenAFS is one of the most established multi-platform, enterprise, distributed file systems available, having delivered distributed data storage and availability to mission critical operations for over twenty years. Sine Nomine Associates CEO E. Margarete Ziemer, PhD sits on the Board of Directors of the OpenAFS Foundation, and has provided financial support for workshops.

Our team is dedicated to the long-term success of OpenAFS. We contribute thousands of hours of development time and financial resources to the enhancement and maintenance of OpenAFS. All our fixes and enhancements are contributed to the upstream project. Sine Nomine Associates is committed to the core values of open source development and we align our development efforts with the long-term plans and goals of the OpenAFS community.

The IT world changes at a rapid pace, and proven technologies like OpenAFS have retained and expanded their usefulness to forward-thinking organizations. Sine Nomine Associates, Inc., is pleased to provide complete solutions for any OpenAFS environment.

AFS (Andrew File System) is a distributed file system that provides a file space architecture aimed at dispersed computing environments and a set of tools geared toward ease of use and manageability. Pioneered at Carnegie Mellon University and developed as a product by Transarc Corporation, later acquired by IBM. It was released as open source under the IBM Public License in 2000. OpenAFS offers a multi-platform, single-namespace, client-server architecture for file sharing, providing location independence, scalability, and transparent migration capabilities for mission-critical data. It is used by a variety of organizations, from government agencies to multinational corporations in finance, manufacturing and medicine, to academic and research institutions.

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Our experienced, expert staff is positioned to handle all evaluation, support and development needs for OpenAFS. Our solutions set the standard for quality, service, and reliability that all organizations, large and small, need from critical infrastructure like OpenAFS.

If you have large files and need to manage them across your enterprise, OpenAFS  distributed file system is the right answer.

Summary of Our OpenAFS Offerings

  • Continuing Support on 18 Platforms
  • OpenAFS cell review, evaluation and recommendations
  • OpenAFS training and continuing education
  • Upgrade Maintenance, defect resolution and compatibility assurance
  • New Development for additional features not yet included in base code
  • OpenAFS Solution Deployment for new environments or enhancements to your existing environments

What Our Customers Say

Sine Nomine customers have expressed their satisfaction with our OpenAFS work. Read what they have to say at OpenAFS Testimonials.
We are proud to have been a sponsor of the European OpenAFS and Kerberos Best Practices Workshop in Geneva, Switzerland.

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OpenAFS Development

OpenAFS Development

Sine Nomine Associates offers development services for OpenAFS.

Compatibility Testing and Development
Sine Nomine Associates provides services to test compatibility between OpenAFS and other infrastructure software (for example, Linux distributions such as SLES), and will implement source code fixes to any incompatibilities that might be discovered.

Custom Features
Sine Nomine Associates has more than a decade of experience in enhancing OpenAFS to meet the growing needs of the user community. We develop features fully compatible with OpenAFS, so they can be included upstream in the mainline source tree. Some features Sine Nomine Associates has developed include:

  • Usermode openAFS Client
  • Dynamic Vcache Allocation
  • Demand Attached File Server
  • Limitations on Server Keepalives
  • OpenAFS over WAN Optimizations
  • File Prefetch
  • OpenAFS / XEN Integration
  • Persistent OpenAFS For Windows Caching
  • Volserver conversion from LWP to native threads
  • Out of Band transport for OpenAFS data transfer.

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OpenAFS Support

OpenAFS Support

Sine Nomine Associates provides enterprise-quality support for OpenAFS.
In doing so, we allow customers of all sizes and kinds to benefit from the financial benefits of zero-license fee OpenAFS software, while retaining confidence in operations with our enterprise-level, 24x7, "no excuses" systems support.

We actively support customers who are running OpenAFS on the following platforms:

  •     Solaris Sparc
  •     Solaris x86
  •     Red Hat IA32
  •     Red Hat x86_64
  •     SLES IA32
  •     SLES x86_64
  •     Linux / S390
  •     Debian
  •     Mac OS X

We add new supported platforms regularly. Sine Nomine Associates OpenAFS Support is available to our customers 24x7 with a team of OpenAFS source code developers handling incoming tickets and inquiries.

Binary Builds

Sine Nomine Associates builds server-specific OpenAFS binaries for customers as part of our standard support solution, insuring the software is compiled expressly for the target servers.

Kerberos Support

In addition to OpenAFS support, Sine Nomine Associates bundles Kerberos support with its OpenAFS offering.

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Academic OpenAFS Support

Academic OpenAFS Support

Academic OpenAFS Support provides annual, 24x7 support for OpenAFS issues on an annual subscription basis. The subscription fee is based on support for no more than two platforms. It provides up to 12 tickets of support per year, for a total of no more than 40 support hours across all tickets.SNA will provide responses to technical and operations usage questions, as well as planning assistance to address defect, design and development issues for OpenAFS on customers' OpenAFS platforms. A platform is defined as a specific combination of processor technology family (e.g., SPARC, IA32, PowerPC, x86_64, etc) plus an operating system major version (e.g., Solaris 2.10, AIX 5.1, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, SuSE SLES 10, etc) supported on that platform.

As part of the support service provided, Sine Nomine Associates will reproduce a version of the customer’s production OpenAFS platform at the Sine Nomine Associates site, for use in evaluating and fixing reported issues.

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OpenAFS Training

OpenAFS Training

Sine Nomine Associates offers professional training for OpenAFS.

Existing training options include:

  • Introduction to OpenAFS
    Sine Nomine Associates trains organizations new to OpenAFS on how it works, and how to make effective use of OpenAFS infrastructure. This course also helps support organizations to train their front-line support technicians in identifying and evaluating OpenAFS trouble reports.
  • Advanced OpenAFS Training
    Sine Nomine Associates provides training for administrators responsible for operating and maintaining OpenAFS environments of any size and scope. Companies use this course to train members of their OpenAFS and server operations teams. Typically, Sine Nomine Associates will customize this course for the environment of the customer requesting training.
  • OpenAFS Developer Training

    This course provides education for developers interested in working with  OpenAFS source code. The course familiarizes the developer new to OpenAFS with overall structures in the code, and with basic principles inherent to OpenAFS and OpenAFS development.


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OpenAFS 1.8.6pre3 - Second beta 19-Jun-2020

OpenAFS 1.8.6pre3 - Second beta 19-Jun-2020

OpenAFS 1.8.6pre3 is the second beta for the next stable release of OpenAFS. It brings performance improvements, improved diagnostics, support for the latest Linux mainline kernel (currently 5.7) and macOS 10.15 "Catalina", and a number of bug fixes.

Note that aklog and klog.krb5 will now require the -insecure_des switch in order to work with the weak and deprecated single-DES encryption types.
To build this release with GCC 10, the parameter "-fcommon" has to be passed to the compiler, which can be achieved by setting the environment variable CFLAGS to -fcommon when running configure: "CFLAGS=-fcommon ./configure".

For more information:

Read the 1.8.6pre3 release notes
Go to the distribution page

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Special Type

OpenAFS Consulting

OpenAFS Consulting

Sine Nomine Associates’ OpenAFS Consulting services provide organizations with assessment, analysis, design, planning, and implementation assistance.


We have been privileged to deliver to our customers:

  • OpenAFS 24x7 support
  • Server hardware and OS configurations
  • Client hardware and OS configurations
  • Network infrastructure and topology
  • Data storage
  • OpenAFS server configurations
  • OpenAFS client configurations
  • OpenAFS file space layout
  • Volume location, replication and access statistics
  • Backup and recovery infrastructure and procedures
  • Disaster recovery procedures
  • Security procedures
  • Administrative procedures, tools, automation, and in-house practices
  • Software installation and upgrade procedures
  • Growth and change expectations

To assist our customers with the set-up, maintenance, and growth transformation, Sine Nomine Associates has compiled package offerings. Any of these offerings will be adjusted to the customer's unique business and IT needs. This allows our customers to make their OpenAFS implementations strong, and to keep them viable over the course of time.

Our basic packages include:

OpenAFS Planning
This package is intended for new OpenAFS users. Design and implementation for OpenAFS projects, such as new cell deployments, virtualization planning, and disaster recovery.


OpenAFS Migration and Upgrades
On the behalf of a customer, we execute cell upgrades from IBM AFS, or older versions of OpenAFS, to the latest stable version of OpenAFS. This often includes updating the way that cells are managed and configured, in order for the customer to leverage many new and improved OpenAFS features.


Cell Assessment
A cell assessment entails a comprehensive health check to verify best practices operation of OpenAFS cells. Cell assessments are based on data gathering and analysis, and they culminates in specific recommendations.


Data Recovery
Occasionally, even the best of all systems fails. In some instances, data is available in backup, but specific OpenAFS knowledge is required to recover that data. Acting for our customer, Sine Nomine Associates will recover data from backup media -- if data recovery is possible at all -- and return it to active availability.


OpenAFS Support

Sine Nomine Associates provides enterprise-quality support for OpenAFS. In doing so, we allow customers of all sizes and kinds to benefit from the financial benefits of zero-license fee OpenAFS software, while retaining confidence in operations with our enterprise-level, 24x7, "no excuses" systems support.

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