About Sine Nomine Associates

About Sine Nomine Associates

Sine Nomine Associates is an IT research and custom development engineering firm that transforms emerging technology into practical business solutions. We provide engineering and business planning services for existing and evolving systems. Our services include installed mission-critical infrastructure and applications, business transformation applications, comprehensive architecture designs, ongoing support, and long-term operations training. Together, these services create durable, scalable and secure solutions.

Balancing between developing the cutting edge and implementing proven best practices, our solutions are based on three core maxims:

Preserve Effective Existing Systems

Applying rare knowledge and unique expertise, Sine Nomine Associates' solutions preserve and enhance the reliability, stability, and supportability of tried-and-true, mission-critical infrastructure.

While knowledge is based on information and research, expertise is built on real-world experience in designing, implementing and supporting long-term solutions to business needs. Sine Nomine Associates offers an elite engineering team, each drawing on over fifteen years of industry experience on systems and networks, and each having acquired rare knowledge and unique expertise on computing infrastructure.

We are dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the value of our clients’ existing infrastructure, regardless of what that infrastructure includes. Our clients have invested in their current infrastructure and sometimes wish to retain it for good technical and business reasons. Sine Nomine Associates appreciates and supports these preferences, especially when the existing solutions serve mission-critical functions.

Evolve New Systems and Services

Turning methodical, vendor-neutral investigation of technical requirements and strategic vision into creative and disciplined analysis, Sine Nomine Associates' solutions evolve new systems and services that efficiently and effectively reach and surpass each customer’s goals.

Creative thinking and disciplined planning combine the strengths of new services and existing business infrastructure. Rather than disruptively replacing or altering entire infrastructures, new services should evolve logically and incrementally from what exists, and should include not only systems and networks, but also business practices. Efficiently and effectively grafting new functionality onto established business practices, Sine Nomine Associates delivers solutions that prove more rewarding than other costly and invasive replacements.

Sine Nomine Associates delivers “the right tool for the right job.” Due to our vendor neutrality, our solutions are multi-vendor, interoperable, scalable, manageable and secure. They demonstrate that the best solutions employ existing technologies to augment proven systems, while applying appropriate next-generation technologies to prepare for the future within the context of effective business processes.

IT Training and knowledge transfer are an integral part of Sine Nomine Associates’ services. We believe that enabling our customers to fully operate their solution completes a job well done. Working directly with clients' staff on their own systems, we employ proven methods to transfer knowledge to our clients. Since our approach invests in our clients’ staff and enhances their expertise, we move our clients from help to self-help. This customer-empowering approach to knowledge acquisition is supplemented by Sine Nomine Associates’ support offerings, lending the full depth of our expertise to our clients.

Apply Research and Development

Harnessing a historical view of technology development and charting future business needs, Sine Nomine Associates’ research directs our continuous development and refinement of rigorous testing regimens and comparative studies that are shared in publications, presentations and industry communication, and that influence standards committees, cooperative research groups and corporate strategies.

IT research and development are at the core of our success. From participation in major industry organizations to vendor-neutral development and testing, we shape and define emerging technology. We lead and act, rather than follow and react.

As development and testing of new technology and solutions is critical to Sine Nomine Associates, we are able to provide the IT industry with “proof-points” on the viability and efficacy of new technologies and designs. A wide array of Proof-of-Concept projects for customers worldwide has earned Sine Nomine Associates a reputation as reliable visionaries and pioneers.

Sine Nomine Associates examines the business impact of competing solutions and provides Total-Cost-of-Ownership analyses. In keeping with our philosophy of “the right tool for the right job,” we determine both the strengths and weaknesses of competing solutions, and then recommend that which best meets and surpasses each client’s goals.

Examples of our participation in a variety of industry and standardization organizations:

We regularly publish articles and technical papers in trade and scholarly journals, and we are the recognized experts on mailing lists and forums such as Search390.com, OpenAFS.org

Last but not least, our experts are active contributors to Open Source software development projects, for which we deliver enterprise-level 24/7/365, no-excuses, support.

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History of Sine Nomine Associates

History of Sine Nomine Associates

In the Beginning... "Transforming Emerging Technology into Practical Business Solutions"

Sine Nomine Associates was founded by Adam Thornton, David Boyes, and Margarete Ziemer in 1999, and incorporated in the State of Delaware in 2000. Several of the engineers had previously worked or researched together in various combinations, their cooperation pre-dating the birth of Sine Nomine Associates by years, or even decades. The company was conceived as a research and development engineering firm committed to transforming emerging technology into practical business solutions. Since Sine Nomine Associates' inception, this goal has been the consistent lead theme for our expert team’s work, as well as the company’s vision and everyday practice.

During the SHARE conference in August, 2000, Sine Nomine Associates celebrated its official coming out as a leading IT research company, and it was rewarded by enthusiastic reception on the part of IT experts. Both Margarete Ziemer and Adam Thornton were awarded the much-coveted award of "Best Session"for their presentation introducing Linux to the IBM mainframe environment, which significantly contributed to the initial adoption of Linux (and other Open Source code), and which turned the declared-dead mainframe into a renaissance of business success for, and strategic investment by, IBM. As such, the announcement of the unlikely marriage created quite a stir, yet prepared the way for an industry trend later embraced by Fortune 500 enterprises.

In contrast to many a startup IT firm, Sine Nomine Associates’ customer list boasted Fortune 500 companies from the company's inception. Our successful execution of enterprise-level support for legacy or Open Source code, our rich menu of training offerings, coupled with mastery in delivery, and our commitment to sharing best practices and expertise in a series of regular publications in relevant industry magazines, turned initial customers into faithful repeat customers. Simultaneously, our evaluation and assessment services fulfilled a business need as real and pressing as that for creative yet solid design and engineering services.

Coming of Age... "Making Well-Informed and Well-Received Business Decisions"

Within just two years, Sine Nomine Associates succeeded in gaining a reputation as trusted advisors and valued independent industry experts to Fortune 200 companies. IBM’s invitation to our team to serve as “sanity check” and “trusted advisor” for their internal tri-annual product and services strategy meetings – along with only approximately eight of IBM’s largest corporate customers -- represents the most prominent example of the unique position that Sine Nomine Associates was being awarded. Starting in 2002, Sine Nomine Associates has been invited to evaluate, assess, advise, and improve practices for this IT world leader in making well-informed and well-received business decisions.

In 2003, in spite of the “burst of the bubble,” Sine Nomine Associates recorded profits, and it has remained profitable ever since. The following year, the leadership undertook an unproblematic shift: Adam Thornton requested to change his status from owner to employee, and this shift was completed without disruption or discord within the company; to date, Adam Thornton continues to be a core employee who happily supports the company’s continuous growth and success. While Sine Nomine Associates has been 100% privately owned and debt-free from its inception, the company then transitioned into a two-individual ownership and a woman-owned business. Our unwavering commitment to ethics and business values continues to reflect the personal values of the company’s owners, and it consistently embodies quality, ingenuity, honesty, and fair-pricing.

OpenAFS... "Leading Provider of Enterprise-Level Commercial Support for OpenAFS"

As a leading provider of enterprise-level commercial support for OpenAFS, Sine Nomine Associates has contributed significantly to the industry adoption and enhancements of OpenAFS, while preserving the file system’s origins and nature as an Open Source initiative. Our support engagements provided the framework for a multitude of enhancements and development tasks that, upon completion and review by the Elders, were included into the OpenAFS source tree. Our reputation as a vendor-neutral, independent and trusted advisor continues to flourish. This unfurling of success was a result of many evaluations and assessments that correctly predicted emerging major industry trends or technology developments. Specific and tangible products of our R&D work include the NJE bridge, an SSL Enabler tool, and innovative Open Source support offerings, to name but a few. Another larger R&D result was our native port of OpenSolaris to IBM’s System z mainframe, which was produced in 2007-2008, and which, for the first time, had joined two major competitors – Sun and IBM – in a project relevant to both parties’ core clientele.

Into the Future..."All the Way to the Not-Yet-Envisioned-Beyond"

Sine Nomine Associates is committed to continue its deeply-felt passion for “turning research into reality.” As a boutique firm, our focus will remain to serve our customers by providing rare-to-find legacy skills, and by delivering support for anything from the declared-outdated-but-still-valuable system all the way to the-not-yet-envisioned-beyond-the-bleeding-edge R&D solution in the world of IT innovation. Doing so puts us in the position to envision and create the “system after next.”

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Industry Recognition

Industry Recognition

Sine Nomine Associates has been widely recognized as a leading research and development firm.

  • Member of IBM's Advanced eBusiness Council (ABC)
  • SHARE Best Session Award; 2000, 2000, 2001
  • Members of the SHARE VM Technical Advisory Committee
  • Guest Editor, IBM Journal of Research and Development; 2001
  • Authors of IBM Redbook "VM/ESA Network Computing with Java and NetRexx" (SG24- 5148)
  • Editorial Board, Addison-Wesley Technical Publications; 2002, 2003
  • Members of IBM's Problem Determination Techniques Council
  • Editorial Board for z/Journal and epinions.com
  • Members of IBM's eServer DesignCouncil (eSCD)
  • Regular contributors to NaSPA and z/Journal
  • Member of the Global Grid Forum Development Group
  • Contributing experts for VM and zSeries inquiries at Search390.com
  • Member of Women Presidents Organization (WPO)
  • Technical Support Editor's Award for Engineering Excellence; 2002
  • Member of Women in Technology (WIT)
  • NaSPA Industry Insights Award; 2003
  • CTO elected Knight of VM by Order of the Knights of VM; 2000
  • z/Journal Article of the Week; March 2004: "Playing Well With Others"
  • Member of Science and Technology Advisory Committee for the State of Virginia; 1998
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Sine Nomine Associates often offers employment opportunities for qualified individuals in the IT professions as well as operations and management staff.

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Current Openings

Current Openings

Available positions:

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Systems Software Engineer

Systems Software Engineer

Systems Software Engineer
Sine Nomine Associates
Virginia, USA


About us

Sine Nomine Associates provides IT systems engineering and consulting services, enterprise-grade commercial support for open-source systems software, and products and services for the Linux on mainframe platform. Our distributed team provides engineering services to large financial, engineering, manufacturing, and government organizations.


We are seeking a Systems Software Engineer to join our dedicated team.



  • Provide professional expert level-3 support for open-sourced, enterprise software
  • Work collaboratively with customers and developer communities
  • Perform ongoing maintenance
  • Develop functional and performance improvements
  • Perform root-cause analysis of service interruptions
  • Work remotely with a globally distributed team


  • Computer Science or Engineering degree, or equivalent work experience
  • Proficient in C
  • Exceptional debugging and troubleshooting skills
  • Experience supporting large production systems
  • Solid written and verbal communication skills


  • Kernel or kernel module development experience
  • Understanding of filesystem internals and the VFS
  • Experience with network filesystems
  • Experience with low-level socket programming for UDP and TCP
  • Experience with user-space and kernel debuggers; gdb, mdb, dbx, crash
  • Skilled at performance tuning using dtrace and systemtap
  • Comfortable with git and git rebasing
  • Solid UNIX command line skills
  • Experience with Perl 5, Python 2.7/3.x

Company Benefits

  • Full health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Employee 401k plans
  • Flexible vacation and paid holidays
  • Remote work

For more information, contact us.

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Equal Opportunity Employer

Equal Opportunity Employer

We are an equal opportunity employer with a diverse workforce.

We provide equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, marital status, amnesty, or status as a covered Veteran in accordance with applicable Federal, state, and local laws. SNA complies with applicable Federal, state, and local laws governing non-discrimination in employment in every location in which the company has employees. This policy applies to all terms and conditions of employment, including, but not limited to, hiring, placement, promotion, termination, layoff, recall, transfer, leaves of absence, compensation, and training.

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Benefits & Advantages

Benefits & Advantages
SNA’s comprehensive benefits package includes:
  • Competitive Salaries
  • Competitive 401(k) Retirement Plan option (currently without company matching funds)
  • Healthcare: nationally available insurance plan; including: Routine Wellness, Hospitalization, Mental, Vision, Dental, Drug, Contraception, and Pregnancy coverage
  • Worker’s Compensation and Disability Insurance
  • Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
  • Flexible Work Schedule with core hours (9AM until 3:30PM)
  • Telecommute Option (available upon approval by management)
  • R&D Policy and liberal Intellectual Property Policy
  • Education/Training Assistance
  • Communications Expenses Reimbursement (up to $95/month)
  • Paid Vacation and Sick Leave
  • Paid Holidays (approx. 14-15 days per year; religious holidays may be exchanged upon employee’s request)
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Military Leave
  • Jury Duty Leave
  • Direct Payroll Deposit
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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

The mission of Sine Nomine Associates can be summarized in one key phrase: “Research to Reality.” We solve the IT problems that you are going to encounter tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. We accomplish this by means of four distinct tasks:

  • Preserve – we preserve existing systems for mission-critical success
  • Enhance – we enhance these systems to meet required efficiencies
  • Develop – we develop new systems to meet the coming demand
  • Predict – we predict what systems will be needed for the future

The vision of Sine Nomine Associates is the "System after Next." Grounded in trend analysis and in scientific research, both based on disciplined methodology, we harness futuristic dreams and shape them into practical reality. This vision has guided our company from the its inception, and we continue to grow as a thought leader for next generation IT systems.

Sine Nomine Associates is a woman-owned business with E. Margarete Ziemer as CEO of the company.

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Our Management Team

Our Management Team

Sine Nomine Associates consists of talented individuals led by a distinguished senior management team.

E. Margarete Ziemer — CEO

E. Margarete Ziemer, Ph.D., is co-founder and CEO of Sine Nomine Associates. Together with the company's CTO, she built an elite team of engineers, each with over fifteen years of industry experience and each being a published author and respected expert in his/her field. Having helped invent Linux on the mainframe, Sine Nomine Associates remains the leader for server consolidation using that technology. Sine Nomine Associates regularly contributes software to the Open Source community and supports commercial users of open systems, including the largest public-sector implementation of OpenAFS (Andrew File System) in the world. Sine Nomine Associates also maintains and supports aging, sometimes esoteric, technologies which are often ignored or discarded by vendors but remain mission-critical for businesses. Her vision and focus helped establish this company as a trusted partner for advising, improving, and supporting Fortune 500 companies in their business success.

Dr. Ziemer, a resident of former East Germany for twenty-five years, brings extensive international and academic experience to Sine Nomine Associates. In addition to four master’s degrees (or equivalent), she received a post-graduate degree at the University of Jena, Germany, and a Ph.D. at Princeton. Along with merit-based scholarships, she was awarded grants by the Fulbright Commission, the World Council of Churches, and the American Association of University Women.

David Boyes — President and CTO

David E. Boyes, Ph.D., is the co-founder, President and CTO, and principal design engineer at Sine Nomine Associates. He has over 25 years of experience in the data communications, system operations, and technical/business strategic planning environments at the enterprise and carrier-class level. In his various positions, he has acquired in-depth knowledge of a broad range of technologies, including Internet systems, network and system performance management, network and system design and planning, and network and system security.

Mr. Boyes’ focus is a full life cycle of design, engineering, deployment, and operations for large-scale systems and operations facilities. His extensive experience with systems and network integration provides a strong baseline for design and implementation, to the level of working both with customers and with vendors to promote better solutions (including large vendors such as IBM and Ascend). His passion and excellence lie in enterprise operations and management, with a strong background in Tivoli and HP OpenView NNM experience. As the Project Manager for the Internet Applications Project SHARE Users Group from 1994 to 1997, he served as the direct interface with IBM executives on strategic direction and product direction, content, and offerings. One of his outstanding accomplishments was his contribution as lead researcher in combining the flexibility of Linux with the reliability of the IBM mainframe environment, thereby breaking ground for a new era in enterprise-level technology.

Mr. Boyes holds a doctorate in economics from the University of Houston, master’s degrees from Oxford University and University of Oregon, and bachelor’s degrees from the University of Oregon.

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Past Client Portfolio

Past Client Portfolio

Sine Nomine Associates has provided design, configuration, implementation, support, strategic planning and comprehensive consulting services to some of the largest and best-known companies in the world. Major institutions in the financial services, manufacturing, technology and government markets rely on our services for their day-to-day operations.

Customers trust our company's discretion. Many customers request non-disclosure agreements in order to protect the competitive advantage resulting from our services; honoring these customers' wishes, we reveal neither the nature of the engagements nor the customer names. The list below represents a partial selection of our clients who have not requested non-disclosure:

  • American Standard
  • ATB Financia
  • AT&T
  • Autodata Norge
  • Boston University
  • Bundesministerium, Austria
  • Cable Online UK
  • Cisco
  • Codetel
  • Computer Associates
  • CUNY
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • e-Triage/Crawford Health Care Management
  • Etisalat (UAE)
  • Fairfax County, VA Public Schools
  • Family Video
  • Fermilab
  • Geico
  • General Electric
  • Goldman-Sachs
  • GTE
  • GWU Biostatistics Center
  • Hennepin County, Minnesota
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Huawei
  • IBM
  • Indosat (Indonesia)
  • Infoprint
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Lucent Technologies
  • Marist College
  • Maxis (Singapore)
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Nextel
  • NGCI
  • Red Hat
  • Satko (Turkey)
  • SCA America
  • SLAC
  • Smithsonian Institution
  • Sprint
  • State of Minnesota
  • Suse/Novell
  • United States Geological Survey (USGS)
  • University of Wisconsin
  • Z-Expo
  • zJournal


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OpenAFS Testimonials

OpenAFS Testimonials

At Sine Nomine Associates, we are committed to providing the best possible support for OpenAFS. Our solutions represent the standard of excellence and service that are hallmarks of a well-planned architecture and implementation, and the responses from our customers testify to our success.

Major Computer Chip Manufacturer

"For many years, our organization has used AFS to store and distribute critical design and operation information across a geographically diverse team of engineers and technicians. In 2007, a strategic decision was made to evaluate our use of Transarc AFS, and consider the future of our distributed file system needs. We called upon Sine Nomine Associates to assist us in our transition planning. Sine Nomine Associates provided us with the plan and expertise to migrate our extensive Transarc AFS environment to OpenAFS. This service was professional, informative and complete. We were able to successfully migrate to OpenAFS with no significant impact to our customer base, and with high praise for both Sine Nomine and our staff.

Our operational support inquiries vary from information about how OpenAFS interacts with operating systems and other applications, to dealing with critical severity 1 issues. Sine Nomine Associates responds promptly and effectively. They provide us not only with a solution, but an explanation as to why that solution will address the reported issue. Furthermore, Sine Nomine Associates pro-actively provides advice for future planning for our environment. We consider them part of our production OpenAFS team.

We are proud to work with SNA and gladly recommend their OpenAFS expertise."

Executive Director at a Fortune 100 Financial Institution

“[Our company] has what is widely recognized to be the leading production installation of AFS, certainly when judging how mission critical it is to us. Our entire distributed systems infrastructure for Unix lives and dies with AFS.

We’re looking at OpenAFS just like everyone else, and support is important to us, too. In our case, we have contracted with Sine Nomine Associates for support of the OpenAFS product. Thus far, we are very pleased with the progress they have made resolving some very real issues that have arisen, and they have clearly demonstrated that they have the technical expertise necessary to support a customer like us (not for the faint of heart).”

Major U.S. Public University

“Over our multi-year association with Sine Nomine, we have been impressed with the level of intricate knowledge support staff has had into our specialized product needs (particularly AFS). The responsiveness of the support staff and project management at Sine Nomine has been faster and more thorough than the majority of our other service contracts. We think of Sine Nomine as a critical partner in keeping our infrastructure stable and functioning and would encourage other organizations into seriously considering them for their support needs.”


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Printable Literature

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Sample Projects

Sample Projects
Sine Nomine Associates has provided strategic planning and support for some of the largest and best-known companies in the world. Below are a few samples of our projects.

Investment Bank: Enterprise-wide Distributed File System Support

Business Need: Improve stability and reduce failures for the client’s mission-critical, global file-system to the point where operations are transparent to end-users.

Solution: The client maintains a global, customized, distributed file system for its critical trading data. The Sine Nomine Associates team provides 24x7 defect resolution, functionality development and telephone and email support to the bank’s staff. This includes regular upgrades of the system’s functionality, detailed code fixes, and weekly meetings to evaluate the status of the system. Sine Nomine Associates is also on-site for critical trading days.

Global Insurance Agency: Back-office Linux Infrastructure

Business Need: Control the rising license and maintenance costs of systems infrastructure elements that are not part of the client’s core business.

Solution: A global insurance carrier sought an alternative to its existing Windows-based file/print and mail infrastructure. The company required improvements to the efficiency and stability of the environment while saving money on licensing costs. The solution Sine Nomine Associates developed and implemented used Linux virtual machines under VM as the main provider for file, mail and print services, with IBM xSeries machines in each physical location as cache servers. To execute this project, Sine Nomine Associates developed supplemental code for Samba to support the client’s file system authentication and provided utilities for managing users within the NT domain.

Telecommunications Carrier: Massively Scalable Server Farm Implementation

Business Need: Create a platform for the client’s next-generation services, optimized for ease of maintenance and maximum, enterprise-wide availability.

Solution: The client required an integrated z/VM and Linux architecture that would provide an appropriate platform for deploying Web Services applications for both internal use and external customers. The design involved a pair of z/VM 4.3 systems with mass storage (DASD) shared between them. Virtual IP addressing played a major role in the design to provide transparent adapter-to-adapter failover, ensuring high availability to a particular physical machine, and to provide routing to each guest’s virtual IP address so that it could be located from the network while running on any frame. Sine Nomine Associates developed the initial design in collaboration with the client team and other partners. Over the course of the project, Sine Nomine Associates directed implementation efforts by the overall team.

Global Insurance Agency: Virtual Server Farm

Business Need: Create a platform for the client s next-generation services, optimized for ease of maintenance and maximum, enterprise-wide availability. Solution: The client required an integrated z/VM and Linux architecture that would provide an appropriate platform for deploying Web Services applications for both internal use and external customers. The design involved a pair of z/VM 4.3 systems with mass storage (DASD) shared between them. Virtual IP addressing played a major role in the design to provide transparent adapter-to-adapter failover, ensuring high availability to a particular physical machine, and to provide routing to each guest's virtual IP address so that it could be located from the network while running on any frame. Sine Nomine Associates developed the initial design in collaboration with the client team and other partners. Over the course of the project, Sine Nomine Associates directed implementation efforts by the overall team.

Global Computer Solutions Vendor: Total Cost of Ownership Sales Tool

Business Need: Develop a Total Cost of Ownership sales tool that would enable the client's global sales force to make the case for server consolidation onto large systems.

Solution: The client was launching a large-scale sales initiative based on server consolidation and required development of a sales tool that would enable its sales force to compare and contrast the total cost of ownership of varying server consolidation architectures. Based on Sine Nomine Associates research and development, engineers gathered specific price and cost points for the variables involved in a TCO calculation, including but not limited to equipment prices, software licensing and maintenance costs, power requirements and costs, high-volume air conditioning requirements and costs, systems management costs (including labor). These variables were then documented in a spreadsheet tool based on their relative relationships and weightings. These relationships and weightings were gathered from a broad survey of actual use and costs across a wide range of industries. The final TCO model is currently in wide use across the client's sales force as the primary tool for TCO comparisons for server consolidation business cases.

Internet Service Provider: E-Mail Infrastructure Redesign

Business Need: Replace an e-mail system suffering from limited scalability with a design horizontally scalable to hundreds of thousands of users.

Solution: A growing regional ISP used an e -mail infrastructure based on outdated technologies and a design that would not scale with the growth of the business. After researching the problem, Sine Nomine Associates created a solution that separates user accounts on a flexible number of mailbox servers, while a flexible number of inbound and outbound servers perform mail routing, virus and spam scanning, and POP/IMAP proxy routing. The new infrastructure s capacity can be increased without system disruption by adding more servers at any part of the mail stream. New features include webmail, web address books, and improved spam scanning relative to the previous system. The design extensively uses various Open Source software applications, saving the customer from increasing license fees. The system is in production for the ISP s entire customer base numbering in the tens of thousands of users, and handling millions of messages per day.

Public School System: Systems and Network Monitoring Infrastructure

Business Need: Enable a public school system in Virginia to actively monitor the status of their geographically diverse computing infrastructure.

Solution: A large county school system in Virginia faced a requirement for comprehensive systems and network monitoring as part of a larger modernization initiative. The client originally planned to go with a branded, expensive commercial solution from a large vendor. During the course of the project, the County decided to re-evaluate their options. Sine Nomine Associates presented Nagios, an open source (and thus, lower-cost) monitoring alternative. The County ultimately decided to forgo the expensive commercial solution in favor of Nagios. Sine Nomine Associates fully designed and implemented the system-wide Nagios monitoring infrastructure, which allows the County to have real time visibility into their hundreds of locations' computing environments.

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We care

We care

Since our inception our CEO and President have been involved in animal rescue shelter activities. Following their lead our team members are involved in supporting a lot of great causes.
We connect with our customers on many business levels and also find we are connected by the challenges life throws in our collective paths. Whether it is support of open source projects, donating CPU / GPU time for global researchers working on their thesis to find cures for diseases or other important projects for humanity, donating a printer to a school while on a project in Turkey, helping to feed the homeless during the Holidays, coaching a special Olympics basketball team or sponsoring a customer’s walk to raise funds for juvenile diabetes our team is always willing to lend a hand.

Our staff volunteers and supports the following diverse activities and organizations in the hope that our individual and collective efforts will make this world a better place to live.

ASPCA, Best Friends Animal Society, Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross, American Cancer Society, Special Olympics, Make a Wish, Polar Express, UNICEF, Juvenile Diabetes Association, Wounded Warrior Project, American Legion, VFW, Ohio Linux Fest, Society for Creative Anachronism and various community charities through donations of airline miles and cash donations.

World Community Grid – Donating computer screen saver time to the search for the cures to diseases, Cancer, HIV-Aids, Malaria clean water, clean energy

GPU Grid – Donating computer screensaver time to the big data complex search for the understanding of genetic proteome folding to find cures for killer diseases like cancer and ways to reduce unwanted the side effects of drug treatments

With a diverse team we also have some interesting hobbies that support great causes

  • Persian Cat Rescue Shelter - Margarete Ziemer and David Boyes
  • Bee keeping – Scott Courtney
  • Basketball Coach for the Special Olympics 10 years – Neale Ferguson
  • 1,612,319 units of work done for the World Community Grid over 11 years – Clayton A. Hollister
  • 246,209,169 units of work done on the GPU Grid over 11 years – Clayton A. Hollister (Note one unit of work on the grid equals 200 billion floating point calculations of processing)

Awards: The President's Volunteer Service Award Bronze and Silver – Clayton A. Hollister


The quality of mercy is not strained.
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest:
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.
Tis mightiest in the mightiest; it becomes
The throned monarch better than his crown.
His scepter shows the force of temporal power,
The attribute to awe and majesty,
Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings.
But mercy is above this sceptered sway;
It is enthroned in the hearts of kings;
It is an attribute of God himself;
And earthly power doth then show like God's
When mercy seasons justice.

William Shakespeare

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