IT Engineering Services

IT Engineering Services

Sine Nomine Associates delivers a comprehensive range of Fortune-500-appropriate IT systems design, integration, internetworking and architecture services for server farms, enterprise infrastructure software, wide-area networks, virtualization, cloud computing, and distributed, highly-scalable file systems. Our experienced engineers specialize in high-availability systems and services, corporate computing design and implementation, and systems management services.

All of our engineering services start with our customer’s business requirements and conclude with the delivery of measurable business value. If a customer already has the best possible solution in place, Sine Nomine Associates will confirm why this is so and advise that no changes be made.



  • System Implementation and Management
  • LAN and WAN Design and Implementation
  • Security Audits & Policy Development
  • Server Consolidation
  • Router Configuration and Installation
  • Requirements Analysis
  • System Integration
  • Grid Computing
  • Operating System and Application Support
  • Applications Assessment
  • File Systems Assessment and Implementation
  • Development and support of Andrew File System (OpenAFS)
  • Directory Infrastructure Design (LDAP)
  • Industrial Automation (PLC and SCADA)
  • Systems and Applications Programming in C/C++, REXX, Java, and Other Languages
  • IBM S/390, zSeries, pSeries, xSeries, Sun SPARC, HP, Dell, DEC, Tandem, Hitachi, and StorageTek Hardware Specification and Configuration
  • Linux (all architectures), SunOS/Solaris, HP/UX, AIX, OS/2, z/OS, z/VM, VMS, and Windows operating systems
  • Cisco, Nortel, Lucent, Huawei, and Alcatel Networking Hardware Specification and Configuration
  • Protocol Analysis and Engineering
  • Network Performance Benchmarking
  • Internetwork Design and Implementation
  • Systems Network Architecture (SNA) Network Troubleshooting and Design
  • Systems Monitoring Using Nagios


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Mission-Critical Systems Support

Mission-Critical Systems Support

Sine Nomine Associates provides 24x7 support for an extensive range of platforms and applications such as z/VM and OpenAFS. Our experts support the IT infrastructure of many of the largest organizations in the world.


IBM eServer Systems

Sine Nomine Assocaites experts have extensive (15+ years) experience in system design, operations and maintenance with IBM eServer equipment and peripherals, including the latest processors, ESS and integrated peripherals.

  • System/390
  • zSeries
  • pSeries
  • xSseries
  • z990

Mainframe Operating Systems

  • 25 years experience with VM/CMS systems (average engineering experience with VM: 15 years)
  • 30 years OS/390 and z/OS system management and systems programming experience
  • 18 years VMS experience on VAX and Alpha systems
  • 15 years experience with VSE

Legacy and Brand X Plug-Compatible Systems

Sine Nomine Associates engineers have extensive familiarity with design and deployment of Hitachi, Fujitsu, National Semiconductor and Amdahl IBM plugcompatible systems and peripherals

  • 7+ years Hitachi experience
  • 6 years Fujitsu experience
  • 12+ years Amdahl experience
  • Sine Nomine Associates is a Development and Testing Partner with StorageTek for advanced hardware and disk management solutions

Andrew File System

Sine Nomine Associates engineers include current maintainers of the OpenAFS Project.

  • 10+ years development experience on enterprise Unix and Linux systems
  • Significant contributions to the OpenAFS project, and major improvements for OpenAFS on Windows

Enterprise Unix Systems

  • Sun Enterprise Technlogy Certification, with 15 years Solaris and SunOS system management and configuration experience
  • 15 years AIX system management and configuration experience (PowerPC and AIX/390)
  • 15 years Digital Unix and Tru64 system support experience


Sine Nomine Associates supports Nagios, an Open Source monitoring toolkit, as a monitoring solution for customers, in deployments ranging from a few dozen hosts to several thousand, with both active and passive service and network availability monitoring.



Active participation in a wide range of projects utilizing Websphere Application Server, MQ Series, Portal, and other components.


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