Linux on System z: “Let the Sunshine In …”

In an article for z Journal, David Boyes contemplates the proposed purchase of Sun Microsystems by IBM and the acquisition's impact on the Linux and open source worlds.

From the article:

Sun has a number of interesting technologies that render the acquisition as an obvious advantage to IBM. Two powerful examples are the formidable dynamic tracing tool and language DTrace and the sophisticated storage management capabilities of ZFS, a mélange of file system, storage manager, and physical device management for all types of online and offline storage media. Sun has been a leader in enterprise software technology for many years, and the ubiquity (if arguably not so valuable religious wars caused by it) of Java as a method of expressing CPU architecture-free implementation of program code and programming environments is a clear example of the kind of intelligence and foresight possible when you try to think differently about how programming should work, and invest the kind of money and resources into the necessary development and evangelism to make it happen.

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