Windows Enabler Appliance

The Windows Enabler Appliance is a self-contained virtual machine appliance that provides the ability to run unmodified Intel-based 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems on System z10 hardware in a virtual machine managed by z/VM

The Windows Enabler Appliance:

The appliance creates a emulated x86_64 CPU and simulated disk, network, and GUI console for use by the Intel operating system code.

  •  One virtual machine instance per Intel OS image
  •  Emulated hardware passes Windows Logo hardware interface verification test
  •  Has been submitted to Microsoft, but not yet processed

What Business Problem Are We Solving?

  • Customers are being pressed to incorporate increasing amounts of Windows-only or Intel CPU-only based infrastructure into enterprise environments, including Linux on Intel workloads
  • Increasing environmental impact of Intel sprawl
  • Cost management (ability to recycle paid-for unused cycles)
  • System integrity and fast recovery requirements

Intended Workloads

  • Server based applications that are I/O oriented
  • Applications that need fast recovery in disaster situations
  • Examples:
    • Exchange
    • Sharepoint
    • SQL Server

For more information please read the attached presentation by David Boyes.


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