Tape Mount Client/Server for z/VM

This package provides a simple Linux client and a VM disconnected virtual machine allowing Linux applications to mount and manage tapes hosted by a z/VM systems.

The tools were written to support running Bacula, a open-source file level backup tool, as a Linux appliance running in a z/VM virtual machine, however they are general purpose enough to employ with other applications with some minor thought. The application consists of a Perl script to run within the Linux guest, and a REXX/CMS Pipelines-based server to interact with a CMS-based tape management system.

This package contains only the support for basic VM tape operations, and does not include support for the popular commercial TMS systems such as CA-VM:Tape or others. A commercially supported version is available for a fee from Sine Nomine and includes detailed documentation, 24x7 support, and additional features. Please contact Sine Nomine at info (at) sinenomine.net for information and pricing for the full commercial version of the software.

This software is distributed according to the Artistic License. Please send bugs or suggestions to deb390 (at) sinenomine.net.

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