fsiucv -- A Generic IUCV Device Driver for Linux 2.6 on S/390 and zSeries

fsiucv provides the ability to connect to arbitrary VM CP and CMS IUCV-based services from Linux applications. Each IUCV connection is presented to the Linux system as a device, with semantics similar to that of a serial connection. Data can be read from or written to the IUCV connection using simple shell tools, or can be handled using the standard Unix/POSIX file manipulation tools and APIs. Configuration of the driver is handled using the sysfs interface, and both local and distributed IUCV are supported.

The package includes a kernel device driver and a sample application demonstrating retrieving IUCV *MSG output via IUCV and posting it to the Unix syslog facility. The sample program can trap any CP or CMS output compatible with the SET IUCV command.

This package has been tested with SLES 8 and 9, and Debian 3.0 and 3.1. We see no reason why it won't work on Red Hat, but we haven't tried it there. YMMV.

Please send bugs, comments, or praise to deb390 (at) sinenomine.net.

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