EXT2FREE -- A EXT2FS Support and Access Library for CMS Applications

EXT2FREE is a REXX function module and application library that allows CMS applications to directly access and modify data files stored in Linux ext2 and ext3 formatted minidisks attached to INACTIVE Linux systems.

The binary VMARC package contains the module and a sample exec demonstrating interactive use of the functions.
The source VMARC package contains the C and BAL source code for the binaries.

The open-source version contained here does not include documentation or support, and will not be enhanced. A commercially supported version that includes use documentation, build scripts, CMS help files for the API and example application, and periodic defect maintenance is availble from Sine Nomine Assocates for a small fee. Please contact us at info (at) sinenomine.net for information about EXT2TOOL (the commercial offering).

NOTE: This utility can do serious damage to the contents of a Linux file system if misused. DO NOT USE THESE UTILITIES ON MOUNTED FILESYSTEMS OR ON MINIDISKS SHARED WITH A RUNNING LINUX GUEST. To safely use these utilities, ensure that the target Linux system is completely logged off. You are responsible for your own data integrity; we explictly disclaim any responsibility if you lose data by misusing these tools.

EXT2FBIN VMARC contains only the necessary binaries to use the example program.
EXT2FSRC VMARC contains the source files for the package.

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