Building CPROF on Linux/390

This page contains the source file and S/390 patch for CPROF, a C profiling tool. The files were obtained from IBM Corporation and are released as Open Source software.

CPROF was originally developed by Corel Corporation. Basic documentation for CPROF can be found in the Using CPROF Mini-HOWTO from Corel.

To build this package, you will need to have autoconf, automake, and of course GCC installed on your system.

Two versions are available: Stable and Test. The Test version is the current recommended choice, in spite of its name, but since it is still officially a beta, we provide the prior version in case you have trouble with the test version.

The Test version is documented on its own page. The Stable version is documented below.


See the links at the bottom of this page for the downloadable source and patch files. In some browsers, you may need to explicitly use the Save Link As... option in your browser to avoid attempting to open the files within the browser.

Installation for the Stable Version

The build instructions are:

$ tar -xzf cprof-1.0.1.tar.gz
$ cd cprof-1.0.1
$ automake
$ aclocal
$ autoconf
$ zcat ../cprof-20030512.patch.gz | patch -p1
$ ./configure
$ make
$ su -c make install

On the patch step, you may be prompted that "The next patch would delete file filename which does not exist. Assume -R? [n]" Take the default (no) for this prompt when it occurs. You will also be asked if you wish to apply the patch anyway; again, answer no.

These have been briefly, but not exhaustively, tested by SNA. Further notes will be added to this page as we complete additional testing. The preliminary test was done on an Intel Linux system. Additional testing was done on a z900 system, specifically the IBM Linux Community Development System, under SuSE Linux 7.0.

Usage Notes

Dionne Graff of IBM was kind enough to point out that, when running the test cases, you must first execute the test program without CPROF, then use CPROF to profile it. For example,

cd test
cprof ./test1


Consult the Using CPROF Mini-HOWTO for more detailed information.