Pipeserv - Disconnected Service Virtual Machine

Pipeserv is a program written by Finn Skovgaard and is available from the IBM VM Downloads website.

It provides a Pipelines based service virtual machine that can be customized for different services. I have used it as a Data collector/filter (DISKACNT), an event scheduler (replacement for VM:Sched) and a Console Log consolidator.

It provides these basic features:

Host command shell
Host commands entered on the console are executed.
Initial stack
Records in the CMS program stack will be read at PIPESERV initiation and executed as CMS commands.
Interactive REXX
You can interactively execute REXX statements.
You can instruct PIPESERV to display a reminder either after a given interval or at a specified time.
Automatic log file cleanup
Log files are automatically erased after 7 days, unless you specify another value in the configuration file.
IUCV connection
MSG, SMSG, IMSG and SCIF is automatically set to IUCV, trapped and logged by PIPESERV.
Reader file information
PIPESERV will query incoming reader files, log and display information on the console.
Automatic logging of Console input, initial CMS stack, IUCV input, timer requests and interrupts, reader file information, optional initial reader file information and optional user-supplied records. The type of each record appears from the log records.