The EXPRESS method - Ready? One... two... DONE!

The new express method of installing service to your z/VM system is quite simple and involves very little effort.

There are only a couple of things you will need; one is the source of the fixes. For example, an electronic envelope, a TAPE, or CD containing the service files for the fixes. This may be a COR (corrective service, one or more ordered PTFs) or an RSU (Recommended Service Upgrade, a collection of PTFs recommended for one reason or another by IBM that you should apply).

The second is access to the MAINT ID. Once you have the service code and have logged on to MAINT, there are two commands (basically) to know:


The format for SERVICE is (issue HELP VMSES SERVICE for details):

              |               .-181-------------. |    
                |-REStart--|  | <-------------< |      
                '-compname-'  |---tapeaddress---|      
                              | <------------<  |      

SERVICE will do all the work for you to check the contents, check your system inventory, receive the service, then apply and build the service. It has logic to allow RESTARTing from where it left off if there is something it found that needs to be changed/corrected before continuing so that you won't have to start over. Another plus with SERVICE is that it will apply ALL the components no matter how many are on the tape/CD/envelope and in the correct order too.

Once SERVICE completes, you can test the new code to be sure it functions correctly on your system. Once you are happy with it, you can then use PUT2PROD to move the new code into production.


Again, PUT2PROD handles all the details for you by moving the correct files to the production disks, building saved segments (if needed), etc. Again, for details on PUT2PROD issue, HELP VMSES PUT2PROD

In summary: SERVICE, test it, PUT2PROD and you are done!

Now a note: This process is ONLY recommended if you have done the EXPRESS INSTALL and have _NOT_ modified your system defaults. For example, if you apply local updates to VMSES/E (PPF files, etc) or local changes to code (CP, CMS, etc) the SERVICE/PUT2PROD process is -not- recommended. It is usually best to follow the standard service process as outlined in the z/VM Installation and Service manual if you have made any local modifications to your z/VM system. That is not to say the SERVICE/PUT2PROD process will NOT work, it is only a note to warn you that those processes work best with the defaults. Any changes made to the environment may cause those processes to not work as expected.