CAVMEN is the Chicago area user group for the IBM mainframe VM operating system.

CAVMEN (pronounced CAVE-MEN) is an acronym for Chicago Area VM ENthusiasts.

We are an informal users group that meets quarterly on the third Thursday of January, April, June, and October (except when it conflicts with national user group meetings, or holidays).

We charge no membership fees of any kind, and do not charge for admission to meetings. All are invited to attend.

CAVMEN member sites are located in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan.

We welcome new membership.

CAVMEN has been meeting since January of 1983, and is an affiliate member of SHARE, Inc., the national user group.

Each quarter we meet for a full day, and have several in-depth technical presentations or round table discussions on VM or hardware related topics. Presentations are given by members or vendor representatives and normally last from one to two hours. Our presentations are of the same caliber as those of national user groups and technical conferences.

Announcements of general interest to the VM community are made, including the schedule of upcoming VM Workshops, and VM related educational offerings. We encourage vendors to make new product announcements.

We have a Free-for-All question and answer period where members will address any reasonable question on VM or hardware related topics.

For more information, visit our Web site at: