Cloning VM Systems (April 2008)

In April 2008, Jim Moling offered a presentation on Cloning VM systems for Hillgang, the Washington DC area z/VM user group.

From the presentation abstract:

There is plenty of information available for cloning Linux guests and even z/OS guests but what about cloning entire VM systems?  For instance - you have a need for two VM environments (one for virtual servers and another for z/OS D/R including XRC DASD mirroring) in two different data centers, for a total of 4 VM systems.  How can you save time and effort?  Build one and clone it!  Come and hear how a customer adopted the philosophy that he has been employing for z/OS for a long time and now has developed for his VM systems.  The talk will include how to maintain one VM system and 'roll' the updates out to other VM systems with including large systems into their curriculum.



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