Amanda 2.4.4p2 DFSMShsm Patches

These are experimental patches to modify Amanda 2.4.4p2 to slightly change its file handling for emulated tapes. The motivation is to back up Amanda to a z/OS or z/VM-served NFS directory, and manage that file space under z/OS or z/VM with DFSMShsm, to allow easy integration of file-level backups of your Linux machines (whether S/390 or zSeries or distributed systems) with an existing storage management solution. The archive consists of a README file, the patch itself, and a replacement configure script. If you apply the patch, you need to run automake to generate a new configure script. If you don't have automake, you can try the included configure script directly.

This code is EXPERIMENTAL and should not yet be used in a production environment.

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