OpenAFS Consulting

Sine Nomine Associates’ OpenAFS Consulting services provide organizations with assessment, analysis, design, planning, and implementation assistance.


We have been privileged to deliver to our customers:

  • Server hardware and OS configurations
  • Client hardware and OS configurations
  • Network infrastructure and topology
  • Data storage
  • OpenAFS server configurations
  • OpenAFS client configurations
  • OpenAFS file space layout
  • Volume location, replication and access statistics
  • Backup and recovery infrastructure and procedures
  • Disaster recovery procedures
  • Security procedures
  • Administrative procedures, tools, automation, and in-house practices
  • Software installation and upgrade procedures
  • Growth and change expectations

To assist our customers with the set-up, maintenance, and growth transformation, Sine Nomine Associates has compiled package offerings. Any of these offerings will be adjusted to the customer's unique business and IT needs. This allows our customers to make their OpenAFS implementations strong, and to keep them viable over the course of time.

Our basic packages include:

  • OpenAFS Planning
    This package is intended for new OpenAFS users. Design and implementation for OpenAFS projects, such as new cell deployments, virtualization planning, and disaster recovery.


  • OpenAFS Migration and Upgrades
    On the behalf of a customer, we execute cell upgrades from IBM AFS, or older versions of OpenAFS, to the latest stable version of OpenAFS. This often includes updating the way that cells are managed and configured, in order for the customer to leverage many new and improved OpenAFS features.


  • Cell Assessment
    A cell assessment entails a comprehensive health check to verify best practices operation of OpenAFS cells. Cell assessments are based on data gathering and analysis, and they culminates in specific recommendations.


  • Data Recovery
    Occasionally, even the best of all systems fails. In some instances, data is available in backup, but specific OpenAFS knowledge is required to recover that data. Acting for our customer, Sine Nomine Associates will recover data from backup media -- if data recovery is possible at all -- and return it to active availability.