Mission & Vision

The mission of Sine Nomine Associates can be summarized in one key phrase: “Research to Reality.” We solve the IT problems that you are going to encounter tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. We accomplish this by means of four distinct tasks:

  • Preserve – we preserve existing systems for mission-critical success
  • Enhance – we enhance these systems to meet required efficiencies
  • Develop – we develop new systems to meet the coming demand
  • Predict – we predict what systems will be needed for the future

The vision of Sine Nomine Associates is the "System after Next." Grounded in trend analysis and in scientific research, both based on disciplined methodology, we harness futuristic dreams and shape them into practical reality. This vision has guided our company from the its inception, and we continue to grow as a thought leader for next generation IT systems.

Sine Nomine Associates is a woman-owned business with E. Margarete Ziemer as CEO of the company.