CMS SSH, SCP and SFTP Support

Sine Nomine is pleased to announce the availability of SSH v2, SCP and SFTP utilities for CMS systems. The commands provide the ability to perform encrypted file transfer and terminal sessions from CMS to other hosts supporting the SSH, SCP and SFTP protocols.

***Our SSH v2 works with CMS***

The package provides:

- Code to implement the SSH v2, SCP and SFTP applications
- Full VM help files for all utilities, including CMS TASK help files, examples and Documentation.
- Installation with simple CMS commands
- Compatible with commercial and freeware Unix, Windows and other platform implementations of the SSH suite

How do I obtain the package?

CMS SSH, SCP and SFTP are available for purchase only. This includes 10 hours of installation support via email.

Please contact or call 703 723 6673 for order details.

To help you decide whether the CMS SSH, SCP and SFTP tools are right for your organization, please examine the samples below. These samples are actual help files from the product which demonstrate the encrypted terminal sessions and file transfer capabilities of the product.