The Linux operating system, and related GNU utilities

Linux Distributions


What is it?
Linus Torvalds developed the Linux kernel as an open source operating system alternative and distributed its first version, 0.01, in 1991. Linux was initially distributed as source code only, and later as a pair of downloadable floppy disk images – one bootable and containing the Linux kernel itself, and the other with a set of GNU utilities and tools for setting up a file system.

NJE/IP Bridge News

Sine Nomine Associates is proud to announce that our SNA- NJE/IP bridge technology now supports open systems (Linux, Solaris and AIX) and Windows in IPv4 and IPv6 environments providing bi-directional communications capability.

High Availability Option (HAO) for Red Hat Enterprise Linux on IBM System z


What is HAO for RHEL on System z?


Developed and supported by Sine Nomine Associates and incorporating Red Hat technologies, the High-Availability Option (HAO) for Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Systems z provides software and support tooling to implement clustered, highly available system services and data storage services on System z hardware.


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