Data Center Facilities

DCIM Services

Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions add tracking and configuration management capabilities to data center management for physical assets and logical resources found in the data center, unifying the facilities and IT domains into a single, coherent managed information source.


What is check_iscsi?

check_iscsi is a plug-in service monitoring script for Nagios, a open source network and server monitoring tool. check_iscsi interrogates the status of iSCSI-based storage subsystems, and optionally the health of a filesystem layered on top of a iSCSI LUN.


Target Audience for check_iscsi

System administrators using iSCSI LUNs in production environments where Nagios performs system monitoring.


Enterprise Command Center (ECC) Design and Audits

We are dedicated to applying science to the design of highly efficient mission critical facilities and workspaces for technology monitoring and data systems management.

Our design engineering staff has worked over the past 30 years designing and engineering hundreds of mission critical control rooms, network operations centers, and enterprise command centers. You have your best people keeping your IT systems at peak performance and they need the best tools and work environment.

HP BladeSystem Cooling White Paper

Hewlett-Packard Corporation has introduced a line of blade server products with a radically redesigned power and cooling system. According to HP advertising, the “HP Thermal Logic”power and cooling system represents a new approach that significantly reduces the power consumption and required airflow for data centers requiring fully-featured, high-density servers.
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