Andrew File System

Andrew File System (AFS) creators receive ACM Software System Award


Congratulations to the Open AFS creators  Mahadev Satyanarayanan, Michael L. Kazar, Robert N. Sidebotham,  David A. Nichols, Michael J. West, John H. Howard, Alfred Z. Spector and Sherri M. Nichols, recipients of the ACM Software System Award  for developing the Andrew File System (AFS).

Sine Nomine Associates Projects on OpenAFS GitHub

Sine Nomine Associates is a proud contributor to the OpenAFS project’s GitHub, the repository of tools, scripts, and code available to the public that makes working with AFS a bit simpler at times. Our team develops and maintains a number of tools that make building and running OpenAFS cells easier, and are proud to contribute this work to the wider OpenAFS community.

Sine Nomine Associates' Congratulations to OpenAFS on the creation of the OpenAFS Foundation


Sine Nomine Associates (SNA) congratulates the OpenAFS project for establishing a legal entity, The OpenAFS Foundation, Inc., in order “to nurture and evolve the OpenAFS technology, to foster the OpenAFS community of experts, and to attract and increase the community of OpenAFS users” in the future.


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