The VM (Virtual Machine) operating system

VM Advanced Networking Services


VM Advanced Networking Services is a reference architecture developed by Sine Nomine Associates. It is designed to update the IP-based network applications and services offered by VM systems, using virtual Linux hosts, without disrupting existing CMS applications that rely on the old-style VMTCPIP stack. (PowerPoint, 135 KB)

SysVInit for VM

The software on this page is a utility that brings UNIX-like "init" startup processing to the VM operating system.

Note: If you find problems with this software, please report them to Sine Nomine Associates as described in the installation document. We will attempt to fix reported problems as quickly as they are identified.

Why are We Doing This?

We are providing this software free of charge to assist our customers in using VM as a hosting platform or as an application development platform.

Session 9202: How Many Linux Systems Can Dance on a Single S/390

The VM operating system allows many hundreds, or even thousands, of Linux images to run simultaneously in their own virtual machines on a single IBM S/390 or zSeries mainframe. In this presentation, created by David Boyes and presented at SHARE 98 by Scott Courtney, we examine what happens when the number of running Linux images is pushed to its extreme limits. A history of the widely-known "Test Plan Charlie" and lesser-known "Test Plan Omega" demonstrations is included in the presentation. PDF


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