Enterprise Command Center (ECC) Design and Audits

We are dedicated to applying science to the design of highly efficient mission critical facilities and workspaces for technology monitoring and data systems management.

Our design engineering staff has worked over the past 30 years designing and engineering hundreds of mission critical control rooms, network operations centers, and enterprise command centers. You have your best people keeping your IT systems at peak performance and they need the best tools and work environment.

If you currently have a NOC or ECC, we offer an independent objective audit of your Enterprise Command Center (ECC) or Network Operations Center (NOC), cabling and IP infrastructure, data center physical facilities, and operating procedures.

Our audit of existing IT data management operations provides recommendations that help your organization reduce day-to-day operating costs, improve employee satisfaction and productivity, reduce the duration and frequency of expensive service interruptions, and provide awareness of long-term data trends that can guide your strategic IT planning process.

Rather than trying to replace in-house expertise, our approach is to bring a broader perspective than any single organization can have internally. Sine Nomine's expertise includes complex batch environments as well as distributed systems, in both physical and virtualized platforms across a variety of operating systems.

Our team will work with your own engineers and management to identify gaps and to create strategic and tactical plans to close them.
Our portfolio of audits and ratings includes:

* Physical environment, Human design engineering, User experience, Air/Water quality and many other aspects.

* Logical needs and capabilities
* Internal support processes
* Batch process optimization
* Disaster recovery planning
* Data center Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) studies preceding virtualization initiatives
* Technical and TCO assessment for platform migration of applications

If you need to know how your operations compare to the industry, our report will provide charts like the sample below that identify opportunities for improvement.

Our customers, both within the United States and abroad, have been enjoying the benefits of our evaluations and assessments deliverables.

Sine Nomine Associates is a vendor-neutral consultancy. We do not resell hardware or software, and therefore, we can and do recommend the best combination of platforms, operating systems, and IT management tools to develop the best solution for your needs.

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