NJE/IP Bridge

Sine Nomine Associates’ NJE/IP Bridge allows the user to interconnect NJE communication services on unmodified OS/390, VM, z/VM, z/OS, VSE, TPF and -- for the first time – open systems (such as Linux, Solaris and AIX) as well as Windows over IP networks.

Our NJE/IP Bridge incorporates a complete bi-directional NJE implementation for a large range of mainframe, midrange, and desktop computing environments, and supports integration of development environments, workstation applications, and system management tasks into a reliable, stable, completely IP-based environment that is transparent to end user awareness. The NJE/IP Bridge also supports CTC connections, thereby eliminating the need for SNA hardware and communication stack for pre-z/OS 1.7 systems.

Tired of supporting an expensive SNA infrastructure for submitting jobs, transferring files and sending output to open system printers? Frustrated with the complexity of automating system management in a unified fashion between the mainframe and distributed hosts? Need to execute code on remote Unix-based hosts and return the output back to the mainframe in a way that is compatible with an existing job scheduling system? Need to deliver mainframe batch output to a program on a workstation to quickly and easily accomplish a post-processing task like archiving or faxing, without extensive automation development?

Users report that the availability of the NJE/IP Bridge simplifies interaction with open systems by removing the need for complex FTP automation for file transfer. The unattended transfer capabilities and file translation tools provided with the NJE/IP Bridge make interchanging files and output - often delivering output directly from a mainframe application or batch job directly to a desktop user - easy and flexible.

The NJE/IP Bridge provides an easy method for constructing system management automation for Linux guests within a z/VM environment as well as those with external hosts, routing system logging and messages to central Netview or VM Programmable Operator environments. This capability enables fast reaction by the most reliable management elements in most customer environments, and dramatically simplifies and consolidates the number and type of monitoring systems needed to manage a diverse computing environment.

Linux on System z, x86, x86_64 systems, and Windows systems are supported along with popular open systems platforms. Pricing for NJE/IP Bridge is machine-size-neutral and platform-based.

Sample Scenario: Bank Clearing House Europe

Business Need: A large bank clearing house in Europe had to replace their 3745-based system. They considered a technically feasible alternative but found the cost for licenses and hardware acquisition.

Solution: The bank clearing house used our NJE Bridge to replace their existing 3745-based interconnections with an IP-based implementation, providing enormous savings. The Bridge concentrates traffic and seamlessly switches traffic between the clearing house and the institutions they serve.