LXFMT 2.2 - CMS-Based Linux Disk Formatting Tool

The latest release of LXFMT is available for download here.


This package contains a CMS utility to format and/or partition FBA disks for Linux use.

For ECKD disks the label and VTOC tracks are in OS format and are the same as created by the DASDFMT Linux command. The partitioning information in the VTOC is the same as the information created by the FDASD Linux command.

For FBA disks the label and VTOC blocks are in DOS/VSE format. Both the ECKD and FBA disks can be accessed as a CMS file mode and the VTOC information can be listed using the CMS LISTDS command using the (EXTENT or (FORMAT options.

The files included in this VMARC file are:

LXFMT ASSEMBLE - The assemble file for the formatter
LXFMT TEXT - The text output from an HLASM assembly
LXFMT MODULE - The module file created from the above text file
LXASM EXEC - An assembly exec that uses VMFHLASM to assemble LXFMT
LNXVM CNTRL - An assembly control file for the assembly
LXFMT README - This document
LXVMARC EXEC - Exec to build the LXFMT VMARC file
LXFMT1 LXCONFIG - configuration file to define partitions for ECKD disks

The LXFMT assemble file is in CMS packed format. VMFHLASM will automatically unpack the source for assembly.

See the LXFMT HELPCMS file for the command format



This software is available at no charge under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3) as available from the OSI(Open Software Initiative) website.