OpenSolaris for IBM System z Mainframes

Sine Nomine Associates, Inc., is pleased to provide support and training capabilities for OpenSolaris for IBM System z mainframes. We have the right people, with proven experience, to handle all of your continuing support and development needs.

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OpenSolaris for System z

OpenSolaris for System z is a distribution of the OpenSolaris operating system designed to run on the IBM System z mainframe computer.

In late October of 2008, Sine Nomine Associates released a running proof-of-concept port of OpenSolaris for System z processors, in collaboration with Sun Microsystems, and with IBM providing technical assistance and equipment to facilitate the port. The latest release, Build 100, updated 30 March 2009, is available for free download on the SNA website:

There are three packaging choices: VMARC, AWSTAPE, and a DVD image. All three images contain identical code, and they can be used with the installation instructions provided in the package and on the web page. The images are authorized to run on standard engines or (as of the IBM announcement of November 18, 2008) on IFL processors. Documentation is provided in the VMARC files in plain text, PDF, and Bookmaster/READ format.


  • System z9 BC/EC, z10 BC/EC
  • Does not support z900/990, z800/890, 9672
  • z/VM 5.3 or 5.4 with network support SPE (VM64571
  • for 5.3, VM64471 for 5.4)
  • Layer 2 VSWITCH
  • Two 3390 mod 3 ECKD or equivalent FBA/EDEV

Why OpenSolaris for System z?

  • Combines System z reliability and stability with best known enterprise Unix
  • Immediately leverages existing customer operations and system management expertise
  • Provides access to development and management technology not available in other System z operating systems
  • Manages scalability and operations costs via more effective virtualization
  • Familiar environment and system tools, can be managed by the same enterprise tools as OpenSolaris on distributed platforms
  • Designed to consciously exploit z/VM features
  • Open to evolving management tooling from Sun, IBM and others
  • Delivers greater value for System z specialty engine investments