System Images for Build 95 of OpenSolaris for System z

The system images for build 95 of OpenSolaris for System z are available for download from Three packaging choices are available: VMARC, AWSTAPE and a DVD image.


All three images contain identical code, and they can be used with the installation instructions available in the package and on the web page mentioned above. Documentation is provided in the VMARC files in plain text, PDF and Bookmaster/READ format.

You need a z/VM 5.3 or 5.4 system with APAR VM64466 (for z/VM 5.3) or VM64471 (for z/VM 5.4) applied, and you must be running on a z9 BC, EC, or z10 to use these images. They will *NOT* run natively (without z/VM) in an LPAR or on any form of 9672, z800, z890, z900, or z990. The images are authorized to run on standard engines or (as of the IBM announcement of November 18, 2008) on IFL processors.

Support and education are available – please contact Sine Nomine Associates for more details.

It’s been two years in the making, but we’re pretty proud of it. Please send questions, comments or bug reports to the OpenSolaris for System z discussion list at We encourage anyone working with this code to subscribe (by sending mail to with the words SUBSCRIBE SOL-390 firstname lastname in the body of the message) and help us make OpenSolaris even better.

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