Debian Kernel Source 2.4.21

These sources are built from the virgin 2.4.21 kernel (from with the following patches from IBM Developerworks applied in order:

+ linux-2.4.21-s390-01-june2003.diff 
+ linux-2.4.21-s390-02-june2003.diff 
+ linux-2.4.21-s390-03-june2003.diff 
+ linux-2.4.21-s390-04-june2003.diff 
+ linux-2.4.21-s390-05-june2003.diff 
+ linux-2.4.21-s390-06-june2003.diff 
+ linux-2.4.21-s390-07-june2003.diff 
+ linux-2.4.21-s390-08-june2003.diff 
+ linux-2.4.21-s390-09-june2003.diff 
+ linux-2.4.21-s390-10-june2003.diff 
+ linux-2.4.21-s390-timer-02-june2003.diff 
+ linux-2.4.21-s390-kerntypes-june2003.diff 
Then the following patches from Leland Lucius's site at were applied:
+ linux-2.4.19.toupper.diff 
+ linux-2.4.19.vmparms.diff (must use -F3 to patch!) 
+ linux-2.4.19-fix-install.diff 
+ linux-2.4.21-fix-disk-stat.diff 
Then the xip2fs patches from were applied:
+ xip2fs_part1.diff 
+ xip2fs_part2.diff 

The download is a diff containing all of these patches as well as the .config file used to generate the kernel image. To use it, change to the directory you unpacked the kernel sources in, run zcat /path/to/linux-2.4.21-s390_xip2fs+leland+fixes10.0.diff.gz | patch -p1, and then run make-kpkg clean --revision xip2fs+leland+fixes10.0; make-kpkg buildpackage --revision xip2fs+leland+fixes10.0